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Since 2005 Bureau Krediet Registratie Aruba (“BKR Aruba” of “BKR”) has made preparations to introduce in Aruba a Central Credit Information System.


In 2005 we visited the Credit Registration Office in the Netherlands. After consultation with BKR Netherlands we exchanged know how and the motivation grew to introduce in Aruba a system similar to BKR Netherlands. It has also been agreed upon that BKR Netherlands would be willing to give advice and share know-how with Aruba. This based on their 49 years of experience.


BKR Aruba completed its market research, business plan, and feasibility study in 2006. In January and February 2006, BKR Aruba approached 50 potential customers, which deal with credit issues and approached them with our project.


In 2010 the Foundation BKR Aruba was founded. The Foundation will deal with the establishment of a credit registry in Aruba. The establishment of a credit registry system for Aruba provides a substantial added value; the system protects consumers, banks and other financial institutions against overexposure to credits. The system will also contribute to the social objective of the society in general to minimize the problem of overexposure to credits in Aruba.


In the meantime we have signed a MOU with our Dutch counterpart (BKR Netherlands).


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